LumiPets LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids: Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor - Portable and Rechargeable Infant or Toddler Cool

  • SOOTHING LIGHT: LumiPet soother nightlights offer a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages a great baby shower gift
  • SAFE AND GENTLE: Baby gift soft and never too warm, a child can safely rest dim Lumi Pets in their crib or bed
  • CORDLESS: Battery operated lamps can also be powered using the micro USB outlet plug in for charging
  • EASY CONTROL: Go from white to colors with a tap on the pet shaped lamp
  • PORTABLE: Boys and girls will love carrying their light from bedroom to hallway or bathroom at nite

Product Description

Is your child scared of the dark? Let us help!

LumiPets set the bar for children’s nightlights on the market today, supporting your child throughout the night.

We know it can be hard for your littles to adjust to their nightly routine, resulting in some sleep-deprived parents. LumiPets provide your child with a sense of security to help make sleeping a success!

child nightlight

Key Features


  • Soothing Light: LumiPets offer a calming glow for children of all ages, with 8 lulling colors.
  • Portable: travels with your child to provide the ultimate level of comfort and security wherever they go!
  • Rechargeable: Micro-USB charging supports all night use with an advanced built-in battery.
  • Soft and Safe: LumiPets are made from high quality, non-toxic, washable silicone material making them cuddly bundles of illumination. LumiPets are safe to sleep with if age appropriate.
  • Easy Controls: just tap to choose your favorite color.
  • Remote Controlled: Control your LumiPet’s glow color, sleep timer, and brightness features with your remote.


child nightlight

Life with LumiPets

With easy to use, safe controls, LumiPets are designed to support your child throughout the night, keeping the monsters away. LumiPets are the perfect gifts for babies, toddlers, and expecting moms!

About LumieWorld

LumieWorld’s mission is to bring a world of illumination to parents and children. Our creations are designed to support your child with the comfort and security they need while adjusting to night time routines. Keep the monsters away with LumiPets.