LyxPro HAS-30 Closed Back Over-Ear Professional Recording Headphones for Studio Monitoring, DJ and Home Entertainment,Black

● Experience and enjoy your music, you will start hearing details that you haven’t heard before
● Premium leather headband with comfortable ear-cups offering endless hours of listening without suffering of ear fatigue, Ear-cups are replaceable
● Foldable design offers easy storing and carrying from home to DJ, studio and stage with a sturdy carrying case that keeps the headphones safe
● Included are 2 removable cables a straight and a coiled with supra-durable connectors, comes with a 3.5mm to a 1/4” adapter
● One year warranty

Product Description

Professional Closed Back and Comfortable Studio Recording Headphones

LyxPro HAS-30 meets the demand for the studio that is dependent on a good pair of headphones. Studio headphones require isolation and has always an issue when doing a tracking session that the sound that comes out of the headphones should not leak into the microphone, The LyxPro HAS-30 headphones are closed back and have an excellent sound isolation which eliminates the outside noise as well as sound leakage. These headphones are also very comfortable to use while doing a vocal or instrument recording, it sits on the ear nice and tight while at the same time dosn't cause ear fatigue, it simply makes a pleasurable session.

Great as a Podcasting Headphone and Creating Youtube Clips

The HAS-30 is great for Podcasting and Video clips, whether using a studio, home studio or even doing a podcast in your office this will help you create listen back to your podcast, having a headphone that picks up every detail is very important because it will tell you if there is any tiny little error that has to be fixed, you will hear things that usually only the professional listener hears so your podcast will be perfect!

Watch TV and Your Favorite Movies Without Being Disturbed

These headphones have a great natural isolation which has a dual effect, for the listener it blocks the noise from outside while at the same time the outside people can barely hear what's coming out from the headphone, this works great when watching TV in a more noisy enviroment or when you want to listen to something in a quiet enviroment and don't want to disturb or wake up anyone else.

A Variety of Applications with Cool Features

Do you want to listen to your music on a personal device? an iPhone, iPad, Pixel, HTC or Kindle Fire? these headphones will play along with that, it comes with a carry case although it will not fit in your pocket... but it will make it easy to carry.

LyxPro HAS-30 has some really cool features:

  • Fully foldable
  • 180° Rotating ear cups
  • Replacable ear cups
  • Detachable and replacable cables
  • Two cables, a straight and a coiled cable, the straight cable is 9.5 ft. long and the coiled goes from 4 ft. up to 10 ft.
  • 3.5mm to a 1/4" adapter to use with more professional equipment

Sound quality on the HAS-30 is marvelous, with its 50mm drivers, 100+-3dB sensitivity and a 15Hz-26KHz frequency response range, it has a rich clear sound and has a live touch to it, the ear cups are large and goes around the ear making this more of a specious feel which makes it more comfortable and a better listening experience.