Mighty Vibe, Gen 2 Spotify Portable Offline Music Player 5+ Hours Bluetooth

As low as $87.30
● 5+ HOURS OF SPOTIFY MUSIC OFFLINE - Mighty is the first device to play your Spotify music and podcasts offline, without a phone. You don't need data or WiFi once your playlists are synced to the device, and can leave your phone at home. Mighty Vibe Holds 1000+ songs with 5+ hours of continuous playback.
● BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE - Mighty Vibe has increased compatibility and can sync to any Bluetooth headphones, speakers, car stereos...Mighty can power them all for wireless listening
● EASY SYNCING - Your playlists are powered through our Mighty mobile app for easy, cordless syncing. Mighty's newly developed app allows for faster syncing and increased stability. Our Stay Fresh feature automatically updates your playlists while you sleep, so you always have fresh new music.
● MAXIMUM DURABIITY - Sweat & drop proof. The perfect companion for any run. No more broken smartphone screens.
● SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT - Clips to any piece of clothing for hands free workouts. You won’t any even notice it’s there so you can just focus on your music. (1.5 in x 1.5 in), weighs only 0.7 ounces

Mighty Vibe is new and improved with a bigger battery life, more stability, and improved Bluetooth playback. Mighty is the first ever Spotify music player. It's created for athletes, as it's small, lightweight, durable and clips onto anything. It works with your Bluetooth or wired headphones, holds 1000+ songs, and has 5+ hours of continuous playback. Mighty requires a Spotify Premium subscription and includes headphone jack to USB charging cable and mobile app.